Saturday Crypto Market Rally As BTC, Ethereum Surges, Capitalization Up by $10 Billion

Late Friday night, the crypto market saw a resurgence as the Bitcoin jumped back around the $4k level. Most on the crypto board turned green and double-digit gains were felt across the board.

The market added more than $10 Billion to the entire cryptocurrency coffers and is now at $132.5 Billion from yesterday’s $121 Billion. At the time of this writing the volume has increased to $18.8 Billion. The BTC dominance is slightly slowing down at 51.8%.   

Bitcoin has gained 7.45% overnight which surprised the bears as bulls swiftly controlled the market. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is exchanging hands at $3849, $250 dollars more from yesterday’s price. Analysts see this level as a possible new support after it begins to consolidate. The current market capitalization is at $68.6 Billion and the volume almost touching $6 Billion. On the 4-hour chart, the MACD is still on the bullish side. The S/RSI are coming down from oversold below 80.

The market jump has sent Ethereum to a 17.15% meteoric surge. It is currently trading at $138 after falling as low as $115 yesterday. On the 4-hour chart, the MACD is still on the bullish side. The S/RSI are coming down from oversold below 80.

The rest of the Top 10 are in the green except the representative stable coin. Bitcoin Cash leads the biggest gainers with a double-digit pump of 14.76%. It’s currently exchanging hands at $171.81 from yesterday’s $151.68.  EOS is also in the vicinity with a 14.63% gain on the day, taking it’s the price to $2.69. Litecoin follows with a 13.34% move. Bitcoin SV rounds off the double-digit gainers at 10.18%.

For the Top 25, there were a lot of good recoveries for the coins that lost their gains during the Santa rally. NEO leads the biggest gainers with a 14.76% gain on the day. The other double-digit gainers, ranging from 10-13% are Tezos, Zcash, Binance Coin, Cardano, and IOTA.

The Top 100 is brimming with green at the time of this writing. Linkey is back again in the pump list at 38.17% gain on the day. Golem follows with a 21.55% growth. Below 20%, Zilliqa, TenX, and Decred are taking advantage of the general market upsurge with a 17-18% gain. The rest are mostly positive with a few exceptions of the leading stable coins which are a usual reaction when the altcoins surge.

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