Crypto Markets On A Tight Range, Ethereum Continues To Push Higher

Its a rather stable weekend for the crypto markets as things are moving slowly with a mix of reds and greens. Gain and loss are marginal for most coins and is usually within 0-1% in the opposite ends. It’s in a a tight trading range for most coins and is on the verge of moving anywhere.

The total market capitalization has gained marginally as it adds $2 Billion back to the digital crypto coffers. Currently, it is at $132.2 Billion. The trading volume is also crawling up and is now at $16.6 Billion from yesterday’s $14.4 Billion. This might indicate that there could be further movement soon but whether north or south remains to be seen, BTC dominance is not moving and has been on the same level for the past few days. It has registered 51.1% on the day.

Bitcoin has been less than stellar these days and is not behaving like the market leader it usually is. It’s been flat and resistance keeps getting stronger at the $3861 on the Binance market based on Tradingview. On Coinmarketcap, it has shown a  meager addition of 0.87% on the day. The trading volume has improved a bit at $5.1 Billion from yesterday’s $4.4 Billion. Analysts are expecting a rally if it breaks above $3900 but this could be questionable this weekend given the lower volume and low volatility in the market.

Ethereum is on a three-day streak and is still leading the market as it reached as high as $160 before pulling back to its current level. On the day, it has gained 2.17% and is continuing to widen its gap with XRP at $16.3 Billion. The mood is exuberant and there is still a buying demand as it continues to expand. At the time of this writing, it is at $153.74 on Binance Tradingview.

Tron is leading the Top 10 crypto with a surge of 9.27% after several good updates including the launch of BitTorrent’s BTT token on Binance Launchpad. Apart from Tron, only Litecoin has been showing a good performance on the day. It has gained 2.37% today with the price at $33.26. The rest are at 0-1% win/loss.

For the Top 25, it has the same story as the top digital assets with marginal gain/loss all around. The biggest gainer is Binance at 2.25% and the biggest losers are IOTA and Dogecoin, both at 2% losses.

Down the Top 100, REPO is still pumping away at 58.14%. This is its second day on the pump list and no doubt it will slow down soon. DEX, (70), which has been dumping yesterday, is now pumping with a 49.25% gain on the day. It is followed by with a 19.20% growth on the day. Ardor and PIVX have made the double-digit gainers with 12% gains both. On the other end, Holo is dumping at 11.97%.

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