Monday Morning Climb For The Crypto Market, Bitcoin Retakes Initiative From Ethereum

Monday morning came and the crypto markets awoke from their long sleep. The board is back to a vibrant green as most coins in the Top 100 moved with Bitcoin and the market climbs 5% on the day.


After hanging around the $130 Billion over the weekend, the total market capitalization has increased to $136.6 Billion during the past 24 hours. The trading volume is still pushing up and is currently at $18 Billion. The BTC dominance is beginning to kick back again at 51.7%.


Bitcoin threw one big green candle this early morning. Although the jump has almost reached as high as $4100, it has been rejected. Currently, it is defending the level and is at $3965 on Binance (Tradingview). It has earned 5.20% on the day and the trading volume has pumped to $5.7 Billion from yesterday’s $4.9 Billion. Its total market cap is also growing back at $70 Billion at the moment. Should it continue correcting, $3920 is still supported.


Earlier on the day, Ethereum is still leading the upsurge. On the last 4-hour candle, it has finally slowed down and has not followed Bitcoin’s break out. It is now correcting at $150 after touching as high as $160. The trading volume is at $3 Billion with the market capitalization slowing down at $16 Billion.

Stellar is leading the rest of the Top 10 today with a 6.42% gain on the day. Litecoin is still recovering with another uphill climb at 5 .64%. XRP which has not been feeling well for the entire week last week is beginning to recover and attempting to catch up with Ethereum at 3.19%. The rest are green.


Going down to the Top 25, most are also on the green with only the stablecoins on a marginal red. NEO is on the lead and is now trading at $8.59 with 10.50% gain on the day. Zcash and Monero both privacy coins, are at 5% today. Vechain and Cardano are at 4% gain.


The rest of the Top 100 has some interesting surges, topmost of which is Melon which has reached 447.12% on the day. No doubt it will drop down soon. DEX which is a regular on the pump and dump scheme is back again with a 58.33%. Buggyra Coin a recent addition to the pump list, returns at 29.76%. Below 20% gains are Holo, Waltonchain, and BitShares between 11-14% gain on the day. On the other end is MobileGo dumping at -14.15%.

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