Crypto Market Regains Monday Level, Volume Surge To $22 Billion

The crypto markets have fallen into another Bart Simpson move with the market price going up and down. Things are back to Monday level after a small drop yesterday. Though things are not as green, there are a few noticeable wins today.


The market capitalization has bounced back to $137 Billion. But the rare thing today is found on the volume surge taking it to $22 Billion From yesterday’s $14.7 Billion. The BTC dominance has dropped down a notch to 51.5%.


The Bitcoin price has been up for the day -crossing the $4k again and is trying to break out of their range-bound channel. On the day, it has lost a minor -0.55% and was rejected at $4100. Not much has changed since it tried to take the market up last Monday. Since last Wednesday, Bitcoin is still up by 6.5%.


Ethereum has also fallen back slightly with an -0.51% loss this morning. It is currently trending down with the current price at $148.24. The previous momentum has been stolen by the bears and further losses could be on hand.

For the Top 10, TRON is still leading the biggest gainers. This is the second day that TRON is back on the headlines as it makes a splash with over 6% on the day. XRP is a far second with a 1.16%. Although has not been performing as great for the past days, it is closing gap again with Ethereum and is mere $800k away. The rest are 0-1% on the reds today.


The TOp 25 is mixed with VeChain having the biggest gain at the time of this writing. It has risen to the 25th position with the price at $0.0045. Cardano is next at position #11 on the market cap with 3.22% gain on the day. NEO, reaching as high as 13% earlier is now correcting at 2.98%. On the other hand, Maker is at a loss of -2.66%.


Down the Top 100, most are on the reds at a marginal level. Those on the greens are also having a lackluster day. Only PundiX and Holo are receiving double-digit attention today between 14 to 19%. There’s no coin dumping today.


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