Sideways Saturday, Hypercash Leading Biggest Gainers On Top 100

The crypto weekend is slow moving and no better than the past two days. Saturday continues to be mostly red for our Top 100 but thankfully still on the sideways channel as the drop did not go far.


The total market capitalization is now stable this morning after two days of sudden drops. It has remained above $120 Billion and is currently holding at $122.5 Billion. The trade volume has entered the weekend drop at $15.8 Billion. Meanwhile, the BTC dominance is getting stronger at 52.3% as traders favor the biggest coin in uncertain times like this.


Bitcoin is currently at $3579 on (Binance) TradingView at the time of this writing. The declines started this Thursday during a flash crash after a period of stability where Bitcoin has maintained the position above $3800. The next support is at $3480. In an interview, Vinny Lingham of the crypto startup Civic, says that the Bitcoin will potentially remain in the channel of $3,000 to $5,000in the next two months.


Ethereum continues to be dragged around by Bitcoin despite the Constantinople upgrade coming soon. The excitement is dropping down as it remains below $130. At the time of this writing, Ethereum is at $124.35. The next support is at $122 and if breached, it can lead to more losses down to $116. A break down below this level could lead back to December levels -at worst, down to $82, the December low.



The rest of the Top 10 is mixed with some taking advantage of the Bitcoin sideways action and bringing their own agenda back on the table. Bitcoin SV, on the 10th position, has pushed a decent gain at 7.78%. It brought back its price above $80 and hopefully does not reverse like TRON, which is dumping at -9.95% after a bull run last week. The rest are at gain/loss below 3%.


The Top 25 has not seen any big movements today and is as flat as Bitcoin. Gains and losses have been marginal and most of the greens earlier are now lost and down to 1-3% loss. Above that, Tezos and Zcash have lost 4-5% on the day.


Down the Top 100, Hypercash (69)is leading the biggest gainers at 20.12%. It has a market cap of $52.9 Million and is currently exchanging hands at $1.22. Another leader today is Chainlink with 18.13% gain on the day and trading at price $0.441. Outside 10%, ODEM and Qash are trading decently with gains between 8 to 9 percent. On the other end, Verge, a top performer yesterday, is now dumping gains at -10.79%.


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