Crypto Market Still Flat This Sunday, Bitcoin In Danger Of Crossing Down To $3500

The weekend was nothing but flat and Sunday broke with hardly any movement from the Top 100 cryptocurrencies. There are fears that the so-called crypto winter of 2018 is slowly bleeding out into 2019 with the inability of the crypto market to hold on to its gains. A big majority is still forecasting hope though, as promising new prospects like the news of Russian investment and a prominent Japanese exchange registering as a crypto-exchange, are bound to open up the market for new gains.


The crypto war chest is still stuck at $122.6 Billion with no sign of getting back to its former level at $130 Billion. The trading volume is now down to $13.4 Billion from yesterdays $15.8 Billion. The BTC dominance is still at 52.3%. The market is still higher since last month at this same time but it is already trending down.


Bitcoin has barely moved and is currently at $3582 from yesterday’s $3579. On the day, it has lost a minimal 0.15%. On the 4-hour chart, BTC is slowly going over to the bullish side but is very weak. Though it has not crossed the next support at $3480, if it crosses $3580, it might quickly slide down to this level and to more losses down at $3k.

Ethereum is nursing more loses and has dropped to $123.01. Though minimal, it has lost -0.98% on the day and is still flat as the Sunday progresses. On the chart, it is slowly reversing but it remains to be seen if it will stay the course and not just follow Bitcoin. Most people are taking note though that XRP is once again increasing its lead over Ethereum.


For the rest of the Top 10, some greens are appearing at the time of this writing. Bitcoin SV has gained 4.36% on the day, way beyond Stellar, which is now earning 3.80% after being the only green earlier. Tron, on the other hand, is still underperforming for the third day and has lost -2.76% on the day. Tron has lost most of its gains since Thursday however, the coin is still more than 10% higher than a week ago and over 90% higher on a monthly basis.


The Top 25 are the same as yesterday, with marginal movements either way. Only two altcoins have manage to gain above 2%. NEM is at 3.03% and Zcash is at 2.16% gain this Sunday.


Hypercash is still leading the Top 100 with a gain at 25.01%. REPO follows with a 15.04% gain on the day. On the other end, Buggyra Coin is dumping at -13.95%.


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