Crypto Market Moves Downwards After An Uneventful Weekend, Bitcoin Still Hangs In Balance

After an uneventful weekend, the crypto market has started moving again this Monday morning. The market went downwards and a selloff commenced after three days of calm. Although the bulls prevented a big drop, the crypto-board is back to the reds.


The market capitalization has thinned to $119 Billion from yesterday’s $123 Billion. This capitalization is nearing the 2018 low. The trade volume is up by $3 Billion with the BTC dominance continuing to rise and is now at 52.8%.


The crypto king has hit as low as $3545 but is currently trading with a small upside correction at $3592(based on CoinMarketCap data). It is down to -2.03% on the day and its capitalization is now at $62.8 Billion. It is now at the bottom range and it is unlikely that the upside correction can save the day.


There is no rest for Ethereum as it dumps a huge -5.75u again today. It is currently trading at $118 and a market cap at $12.3 Billion. XRP is now a billion away and is getting snug on the second position in the market cap as it only lost -2.33% on the day and is now beginning to recover from last weeks drop.


All the altcoins are in the red and are losing quite an amount today. That is, except for Tron which is beginning to recover its lost gains. It is now trading at $0.023 with gains at 4.18%. Bitcoin SV, after a rather nice performance yesterday, has lost the biggest with a -9.56% drop during the Asian trading session. Litecoin too is dropping at -6.15%. Bitcoin Cash follows with a -5.83% loss.


For the Top 25, there is also one shining coin among the sea of red. Waves are riding up with a 7.54% gain on the day. The rest are suffering with Tezos and IOTA leading the biggest losers at 6% loss on the day. Ethereum Classic and Cardano are also dumping at 5%. The rest are at 2-4% losses.


Down the Top 100, nothing much is happening except more dumps. The biggest losers today are, as expected, the biggest gainers for the past few days. Hypercash is now dumping at -16.92%. REPO is also losing its gains at -12.79%. Only Revain is up with a 9.57% gain on the day. 

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