Crypto Market Getting More Volatile And Restless, Ethereum Pushes Back But Halted At $127

The crypto market is still on the green this Sunday morning and is moving upwards at the moment. The week passed without any big movements and no notable changes in most digital assets. This morning, the board is back to mostly green after a day of almost no movement.


The market capitalization is at $121.5 BIllion, almost at the same level as it was yesterday. For a brief period earlier, it went up over a billion as Ethereum shot up to $127. The trading volume is at $19.9 Billion and the BTC dominance is stable at 52.5%.


Despite a rangebound trading throughout the week, Bitcoin is still up on a week-over-week basis. It is still struggling to go over $3640 even as it touched $3700 on the past 4-hour candle. For the past nine days, Bitcoin has been consolidating between the tight range of $3550 and $3650.At the time of this writing, it is trading at $3646. Its market capitalization remains at $63.7 Billion and the volume is expanding at $6.3 Billion.



Recently, the Ethereum price spiked sharply above $125 but it failed to break $130 resistance. Currently, it is trading at $125.97 and is now standing almost a billion away from its immediate rival, XRP, in market capitalization. And while the overall picture has not changed for the long term, its consistent defense above $120 could change the bigger picture for the short term.


The rest of the Top 10 is now back to negative after a short stint in the green area during the last candle. Only EOS remained green at the moment as the rest submerged to a minimal red. Binance is the biggest loser throughout the day at -1.12 loss and is currently near $9 support. The TOp 10 is becoming increasingly volatile as the market is held on a short string.

On the Top 25, NEO stands as the biggest gainer as it approaches $9 at the interim. It is trading at $8.50 with a 4.39% gain on the day. Meanwhile, Dogecoin is back in action after a hiatus for so long. It earned 4.29% on the day with the trading price at $0.0019 against the USDT. Tezos follows with a 1.71% gain and the rest at 0-1% gain/loss.


Down the Top 100, Storj is the biggest mover today at 61.55% gain. The rest at double-digit gains are Kucoin Shares, Quant, and Ark -all at 11% gain.


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