Bitcoin Moved Above $3900 But On Slippery Slope, Rest of The Crypto Market Slow

The past 24 hours were rather unexciting and unmoving but the past candles are starting to make a decent move again for some coins. The crypto board is a mixed sack with some assets going on the offensive while Bitcoin is still undecided on the $3900.


The market capitalization made no further gains during the Asian trading session and still stands at $133 Billion mirroring yesterdays capitalization. The trading volume is still at $31 Billion with the Bitcoin dominance at 51.7%.


Bitcoin managed to get to $3940 but is still not strong enough to push for further gains. There has been a very little movement for the past day and only a 0.28% gain to show for its troubles. At the time of this writing, it has dropped back to $3915 where it is currently trading. It remains to be seen if it will be able to stay on this level with the weekend coming and the possibility of an attack looming.



The second leading digital asset is moving within a tight range capped by technical resistance located around $140. It has started dropping yesterday back to $137 and has not moved since then. This price is at the same level since last Friday. XRP, it’s the nearest competitor on the market cap list has not been able to move either and is still on the same range as yesterday at $0.31. Its gap with Ethereum is now widening again at $1.5 Billion. Both these coins are on a bearish bias and with the weekend coming, it could mean losses are on the horizon.



The rest of the Top 10 are mostly red as the coins step back after a decent run for the past few days. Most of the assets are at 0-2% loss except for Binance which is pulling back after a bull run. Binance has moved up to the 7th place in the market cap and has gained 42% for the past 7 days. It has now pulled back with a -6.36% loss and moved below $15 at the time of this writing. Only Litecoin and Stellar are on the positive above 1% today. Litecoin has snatched back the 4th spot on the market cap but only with a minimal difference between them and could flip back for EOS any time.

The Top 25 is led by VeChain which is bullish at 6.15% gain on the day. Ontology has managed to protect its gains with another 3.83% gain added on its coffers. NEO is close behind with a 2.11% profit today. Meanwhile, on the other end is Monero losing -1.45% on the day.


Down the TOp 100, there are many performers with double-digit gains taking advantage of Bitcoin being stuck in a range. Enjin Coin is soaring today with an announcement from Samsung that it is now supported by Samsung’s new S10 phone. It has gained 63.70% today and is not showing any signs of stopping yet. follows behind with another heart-stopping 45.37%, as well as Aurora, which is at 41.29% gain. Digitex Futures is also above 20% with 27.85% gain. Decentraland, REPO, Project Pai, and ICON are in between 11-15% gain.

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