Altcoins Driving The Market. Major Crypto Coins Locked On A Range With Minimal Gain/Loss

The crypto markets are having a tough time breaking through resistance and kept moving in range for the past two days. Although it has bounced right up, the pattern kept repeating. The crypto board is a mix of reds and greens and major cryptocurrencies are on marginal gains.


The market capitalization is recovering from a recent dump to $132 Billion and is now back to $133 Billion. Yesterday, the market capitalization also went through this same process and was at $134 Billion at this same time. The trading volume is feeling the drop and is now at $29 Billion while the Bitcoin dominance is still at 51.4% but is trending down with altcoins driving the markets at the moment.


Bitcoin is barely at $3900 and is unable to push past the heavy resistance at $4k. Currently trading at $3902, it is getting weaker by the day as it travels between $3600-3900 range. The Bitcoin volume is now back below $10 Billion.



Ethereum, which has been feeling the brunt of market indecisiveness, continues to slide down. Currently trading at $133.04, it has lost -1.28% on the day, but still ahead of XRP by $1.2 Billion. XRP has been locked in a tight range like Ethereum and is now back at $0.30.



The rest of the Top 10 are mostly red and others with a minimal gain this Wednesday. EOS is the biggest loser, trading down at -3.12%, followed by Litecoin which is now retracing and currently trading at $55.75. Stellar is the biggest gainer at a minimal 1.10%, and Binance Coin and Tether below 1%. Before the drop, Binance Coin was once again moving and has reached a 6.5% gain.


The Top 25 has fared better today with some good movements throughout the day. Dash has gained the most with 7.65% gain, followed by Tezos at 3.32%, and Zcash at 2.98%. Dogecoin is also having some positive gains at 2.19% growth on the day.


Down the Top 100, Maximine Coin, an obscure coin that showed up yesterday, is pumping at 30.58%. Another obscure coin, Zcoin is pumping at 19.06%. Digitex Futures, Electroneum, Chain, and KuCoin Shares are making good gains between 11-18%. On the other end, our recent pumpers have now fallen to a default dump. Theta is the biggest loser at -18.99% drop. Ardor is also losing its hard-earned gains at -13.34%. ABBC Coin and Project Pai are both losing 10+% on the day.


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