Bitcoin Sits On A Tight Range, Crypto Market Mostly Unchanged For The Past Day

The crypto market is still sitting in a tight range for the 3rd day. The crypto board is currently a mix of reds and greens with hardly any movement for the overall health of the market. The traders and analysts alike are waiting for volatility that never comes.


The market capitalization is stuck on the same level and is now back to $134.4 Billion with no signs of a breakthrough for the short term. The trading volume is continuing to slide down and is now at 28.8 Billion. Like the trading volume, the Bitcoin dominance is sliding and is now at 51.1%.


The Bitcoin cannot proceed further as it sits in a tight range and mostly unchanged in the past day. It is trading sideways at $3900 level and currently exchanging hands at $3908 where it has been trading for the past few weeks. The resistance is currently at $3920 and the support is thick at $3800. Any movement in either direction can set the crypto market off suddenly and away from its lowest volatility rate since November of 2018.



Ethereum is exchanging hands at $133.49 with barely a movement at 0.20% gain. The current range is being held on the resistance at $133, with the next target at $135 in order to see a decent move on the upside. On the downside, the support is at $132 and a further sell-off can bring it to the psychological level at $130. XRP is neither here nor there and is as strangled as Ethereum at $0.31. The gap with Ethereum is dropping in its favor and is now at $1.1 Billion.



Curiously, the rest of the Top 10 has partially recovered from its malaise for the past 2 days. Most are green with some assets doing good. Only Binance Coin is down which seems to be still suffering from a pullback. It is currently trading at $14.92 with a loss of -1.88%. Stellar is leading the Top 10 today with the price at $0.109 and a jump to 5.95% gain. It has jumped over Tether and is now at #7 on the market cap list. Tron follows a few steps behind 2.57% and Bitcoin Cash is at 2.34% gain. The rest are all under 1% gain.


The Top 25 is headed by the Chain, a new addition to the list after a bullheaded sneak attack which left the Top 100 breathless. It has gained 9.07% on the day which pulled its capitalization to $259k, $15k more than its nearest competitor -the stable coin USD Coin. Ontology is also green again with a 3.74% gain on the day. NEM, Monero, and IOTA have all gained 1% on the day and most of the rest are green but only just. Dash is the biggest loser with -3.33% less price than yesterday.


Down the Top 100, Wax is leading the biggest gainer with a jump to $0.062 and a gain of 15.99% on the day. PIVX and Bitcoin Diamond are the only ones following above 10% with both 11% gain on the day. Revain and Zcoin are the ones getting the bad end of the bargain today at 11.02% and 11.52% loss respectively.


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