Crypto Market Gearing For More Action, Ethereum Leads The Top 10 This Monday

The crypto market is still on a bullish streak this Monday morning and moving up in good time. Although the crypto-board is mixed, the total market capitalization is still jumping to new 2019 high. Overall, the market continues to improve and technicals are moving in the right direction. The market pullback still has not fully played out though and it might still be around the corner.


The market capitalization rose to $182 Billion. Earlier, it reached as high as $185 Billion before settling down to this level. The 24-hour trading volume remains stable at $61 Billion while the Bitcoin dominance is now rising at 50.8%.


Bitcoin is not moving as fast but it has reached $5300 earlier before pulling back at $5247 (Coinmarketcap). It has gain 1.71% at the time of this writing. From this level, the next resistance is at $5500, with the support at $5090.


During the Asian trading session, Ethereum has made a solid run from $168 and earned 7.11% at the time of this writing. It is now trading at $180.34, with a slight pullback from its earlier $185. It has crossed a solid resistance at $175. The next resistance is at $190. XRP remains flat with a -0.92% gain, to trade at $0.35 after getting rebuffed at the $0.36 resistance. Its gap with Ethereum has now widened to $4.1 Billion and the possibility of flipping back and retaking the second position gets dimmer by the day.



The rest of the top 10 is clearly heading down led by Binance Coin losing -4.06% on the day. Litecoin and Cardano are at a 3% loss. Only Stellar and EOS managed to stay in the green. Stellar made good today with a 6% gain in the Asian trading session before pulling back at 1.41% to trade at $0.130.


For the Top 25 assets which are usually ramping when Bitcoin is on the green, the atmosphere is a bit grim with only Ethereum Classic making a clear win at 6.62% gain. It is continuing its ascent from yesterday’s pump and has reached $7.45 before leveling to its current price at $7.23. For the losers, Ontology is the biggest loser at -6.24% loss, followed by Basic Attention Token and Vechain at 3-4% loss. Maker, Bitcoin SV, NEO, and IOTA are pulling back, all with 2% loss on the day.


Down the Top 100, a new coin called VestChain has arrived on the pump list with a 41.99% gain on the day. Nano made an impression today with a 15.60% growth. Verge has also made a comeback with a 14.20% gain. Not much is dumping today above the usual except for Loopring with a dump to -10.38% after a classic pump yesterday.


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