Monday Breaks With A New Bullish Projection, Altcoins Lead Small Market Surge

The crypto markets are back up after a weekend of consolidation. The crypto board is green and assets are gaining from the market upsurge during the Asian trading session.


The market capitalization is now at $175 Billion, up by $3 Billion from yesterday. The volume is going back up from a low weekend performance and is currently at $39 Billion at the time of this writing. Coincidentally, the BTC dominance falls a notch at 51.9% as altcoins begin to ramp up this Monday morning.


Bitcoin is currently trading at $5161, up by 1.47% since our last market recap. It has surged earlier and has successfully handled a strong resistance at $5130 but is capped at $5200 and retreated to its current price. On the upside, the next resistance is at $5500 while the support is at $5100.



Ethereum went for a surge earlier but was rejected at $170. It is trading at $166.42 at the time of this writing and gaining 1.58% on the day. Its volume is shaping nicely and is now above $5 Billion. It should be able to maintain a positive momentum above $165. It is set to conquest the price resistance at $180 in the short term. On the downside, the second coin is still very much tied to the market movement and a shift downward can bring it crashing down its nearest support level at $160. XRP, the third coin on the market cap list is the slowest moving asset on the Top 10 (apart from Tether) today with a 0.37% gain on the day. It is currently trading at $0.327 with resistance at $0.0335 and support at $0.327.


The rest of the Top 10 is starting Monday on a great footing and is all green at the time of this writing. Bitcoin Cash has retaken the lead from Binance Coin yesterday and jumped as high as $300 before slowing down to its current price at $298.26 and a gain of 6.91% over the past 24 hours. Litecoin follows with a 3.82% gain to trade at $81.36, retaking the 5th position from EOS. EOS, Binance Coin, and Stellar are all at 2% gain and Cardano is at 1%.


The Top 25 is moving a little more green with Tezos surging to 11.34% on the day. It has reached $1.13 on the day after an announcement of a charter change for the Tezos Foundation. Aside from Tezos, the rest are all green with Maker leading at 4.21% gain. On the other end, Basic Attention Token has lost -2.83%, following its surge yesterday.


Down the Top 100, Insight Chain is back with a 13.57% pump followed by Lambda at 12.49% gain on the day. The majority of the assets are green with a 0-4% gain on the day. On the other end, ABBC Coin is the biggest loser today following a dump of -7.44% on the day.


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