Binance Delists Bitcoin SV, Crypto Market Struggles To Get House Back In Order

The crypto markets went into a drop during the Asian trading session as the Bitcoin SV drama unfolded with Binance Exchange delisting the coin. After the delisting, it affected the market as the entire capitalization dived momentarily.


The market capitalization has caught up though and is now back up at $173 Billion at the time of this writing after almost hitting $170 Billion. The trading volume is higher today and is now at $43.7 billion from yesterday’s $39 Billion. The Bitcoin dominance is slightly up for the day at 52.0%.


Bitcoin dipped at $5k before settling in at the current price at $5104. It has lost -1.35% on the day and is feeling its way on this level. The first coin is standing at $12 Billion trading volume, mostly unchanged since yesterday which may be good news since it is still staying in its range and has prevented dropping despite the market falling earlier. 



Ethereum was a little more distressed and plunged at $160. But it has bounced back to its former level and is now trading at $164.03 with a loss of -1.99% on the day. XRP lost -1.64% on the day and has moved to $0.323.



The rest of the Top 10 is feeling the pinch with most of it red during the Asian trading session. If there is a winner today from the Bitcoin SV drama, it is Bitcoin Cash which seems to be getting back all the attention as it jumps 6.49% to trade at $319.91. Earlier, it went as high as $330 before pulling down to its current price. The rest are all negative led by Stellar and Litecoin, both with more than 3% losses. The rest are at 0-2% loss.


Most of the top 25 are at 1-3% loss with the exception of Chain, down -7.00% after a surge up yesterday, and Bitcoin SV, which has predictably dumped big with a -21.83% loss on the day to trade at $56.04. The slowest loser on the Top 25 today is Maker with a loss of -0.10%.


Down the Top 100, things are not doing any better. There are no big performers today and the biggest gainer is Maximine Coin which has only earned 5.94% today. On the other end, not much is happening either except a -15.68% drop by Lambda. Komodo is losing too and has dropped -11.03 on the day.


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